About Us

Tin Thinh Co., Ltd is a private owned company and becoming one of leading providers of Frozen Seafood and Canned Fish in Viet Nam with a wide range of sea products.

Since its establishment in 2002, Tin Thinh has always been dynamic in its field of operations, recognizing client needs and aggressively developing quality products to fulfill these requirements. This client satisfaction driven approach has guided the company to its successful performance over the years in the continuously challenging market.

Tin Thinh’s factories now has more than 1000 workers and staff. It can process over 12,000 ton of frozen sea products and 1,500 ton of canned fish annually.
Up to now, Tin Thinh has provided many different products to USA, EU, Japan, Asia and Middle East. Its quality management system has been accredited with HACCP, BRC, IFS and KOSHER certification.

Tin Thinh Co.,Ltd is member of Dolphin safe organization so we have been sourcing and buying raw material Tuna from Dolphin safe’s suppliers. Moroever, WE COMPLETELY DENIED ALL INFORMATION IN THE WEBSITE: https://www.importgenius.com/. WE EMPHASIS THAT WE DID NOT BUY “CÁ NGỪ LOIN HẤP ĐÔNG LẠNH” FROM XIAPU YONGXING AND “ CÁ NGỪ VÂY VÀNG NGUYÊN CON ĐÔNG LẠNH” FROM JIA HO CO.,LTD

We are open to long-term business partnerships that will benefit both parties.